Plastic Cards are Our Thing, Plastic Card Printing is all we ever think about.

We print some plastic cards for every new order, send them to you to approve and deliver your order just 7 days later.

Why not send your artwork to us and we’ll print some for you. We’ll send them in the post so you can see for yourself just how good your plastic cards will really look and feel.

And after you’ve approved these we’ll print your order and deliver it 7 days later.

If you can’t supply artwork; don’t worry, we’ll sort that out for you too.

So you’ll print some actual plastic cards for me to approve?

Yes, we know ordering products over the Internet can sometimes fail to live up to expectations. That’s why we print some plastic cards and key tags for every new order we receive. The cards and key tags we deliver will match exactly those you’ve approved.

What’s special about Harry Bugg Plastic Cards?

Ok, but I want my cards to have signature strips, numbering and barcodes

That’s not a problem. We’ll add these before we send the cards or key tags to you for your approval. You’ll even be able to test that the barcodes work.

What about magnetic stripes and embossing?

Not a problem at all and we’ll send your cards with fully functioning magnetic stripes for you to test and approve, just let us know.

You are talking about sending me some plastic cards aren’t you, just like a credit card?

Yes, just like a credit card. All our printing is on cards made only of plastic, of credit card thickness, so they’re extremely durable and will last for years.

fast turnaround plastic card printing

How long will this take?

No time at all. We’ll send plastic cards or key tags for you to approve in 4 days.

And we’ll deliver your order 7 days after you’ve approved your cards or key tags.

Last question, they’re not laminated card, are they?

All our cards and key tags are made only from 100% plastic, just like credit cards.

Some plastic card companies supply cards with a compressed card core. It does reduce cost, but make the cards less durable.

We don’t supply these and never will.

We never stop thinking about plastic card printing, why not ask us to print some for you.

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Our Price Promise

The best value plastic card printing in the uk?

Our plastic card printing prices are the same as you would pay for cards produced in the Far East. Plastic Card Printing Prices.

Straightforward Pricing

Wont break the bank Plastic Card Printing

We’ve made our price list as straightforward as possible, with no hidden costs. You’ll know exactly how much you’re paying.

Don't take our word for it, see what our clients have to say....

Our customers love our plastic membership cards Cyclo Fitness Clubs
Thanks to Harry Bugg, we have plastic gift cards for any occasion. L’Incognito Jewellery
We have found that our plastic loyalty cards are a great advert in our clients’ wallets Muse Spa Resort
I couldn’t believe how quickly our plastic key tags were deliveredGuido's Italian Coffee Bars