Contactless Cards! Worry Free Contactless Card Printing

Contactless Cards Worry Free PrintingYou’ve been given the task of finding a supplier of printed contactless cards, but contactless cards look just like any other plastic card, so how do you know what to order and whether you’ll receive ones that will work with your system?

Ideally someone within your business or organisation will tell you whether you need Mifare 1k cards, Hi Tag 2 cards or the correct type from a long list of countless other ones in use, if they can’t help you can always ask your system supplier. But what do you do if you still don’t have the answer?

Send your contactless cards to us and we’ll tell you the type you use.

That’s right, just drop one or two in the post and we’ll be able to tell you the type you need, we’ll then return them to you along with a quotation.

The next step – printed contactless cards for you to test.

When you’re ready to order send your artwork to us, or have us produce it, we’ll set up a printing press and print some contactless plastic cards for you.

These are produced in exactly the same way as all the contactless cards we produce, they go through all the same processes and are fully functioning cards that you can test.

And as with all our other plastic cards we’ll add bar codes, magnetic stripes or any other extras your cards need.

If you own a hotel you’ll be able to check that our cards open rooms and mini-bars. Schools can hand them to pupils to test in the canteen or to enter a classroom. And if you run a bus or tram company you’ll be able to test them on your fleet.

Our money back guarantee.

Let us know when you and your colleagues have tested the cards we’ve sent and we’ll deliver your complete order 7 days later. The cards we deliver will be exactly the same as the ones you’ve approved, if they’re not we’ll give you your money back.

Contactless card printing, why 7 day delivery?

We like to say “why not”. Since we started supplying plastic cards our standard delivery time has always been 7 days or 7 days despatch to the rest of the world.

We’ve never understood why printing plastic cards should take 3 weeks or cost more for delivery in 7 days and we can’t see why contactless card printing should be any different.