Crowd Source Your Plastic Card Design

Last year we ran a Design Competition and as you know all competitions need entries, so to promote it one of the things we did was post a competition on

Trapeze Plastic Card

We work with designers every day and know how some feel about crowd sourcing, we set out to make our competition as generous as possible.

The brief was simple…

OUR BRIEF: Not another boring Business Card Design

This is not another boring Business Card Design Project.

We are looking for the weirdest, wackiest most boundary pushing designs that you can come up with.

If you believe that design can be fun, energetic, crazy, unpredictable, beautiful and eye-catching then read on… this project is for you.

We are Harry Bugg and we print plastic cards.

We are running a Plastic Card Design Competition.

And we need a plastic card to advertise the competition to graphic designers just like you.

The design needs to make your average designers’ jaws drop and their eyes pop out.

You can do what you wish with the card design, so long as it stands out.

All we asked was that the design contained the link: and that it followed our artwork guidelines.

In the end we received 127 designs from 69 designers.

We asked a bunch of designers to judge the entries and pick the jaw droppers but they couldn’t decide between the top 4.

So we changed the prize and picked 4 winners instead of 1.

Here are the results, printed on plastic and photographed:

Title: Ticket to the Circus
Designer: Maja Miljkovic

Trapeze Plastic Card

Title: Skull Eating Lizards
Designer: Eric Covault

Skull Plastic Card

Title: Exploding Eyeballs
Designer: Patrick Tero
Website: NA

Eyeballs Plastic Card

Title: Bish Bosh
Designer: Disign
Website: NA

Bish Bosh Plastic Card

We hope that you like them as much as we do. Let us know what you think in the comments below: