Free File Chucker Launched – Send Large Artwork Files to us Securely


Plastic Cards | Artwork Upload PageDon’t get frustrated with email, use our file chucker to send artwork to us for your plastic cards, it’s free, fast and secure.

Sending artwork as an attachment to an email is usually quick and easy but what do you do when you’ve got a large file, say one over 10mb. You can sometimes split the files and send as attachments to a number of emails. If you can’t then you would usually use a site like You Send It or Sharefile, you’ll need to create an account and follow the step by step instructions. In some circumstances the service is free and in others there’s a fee.

Instead why not use our file chucker, go to enter your name and business or organisation name and select the files you want to send to us. It’s as easy as that, no need to create an account, log in or make payment. You can send as many files as you like and there’s a huge file capacity. You’ll know when the files have successfully uploaded and so will we.

Just let us know how many plastic cards or key tags you want to order.